All Riti Riwaj Web Series Cast Names

Riti Riwaj Web Series are one of the most loves episodes of all time by the Ullu. There are few Riti Riwaj web series available but all of are popular over the internet. The Ullu original’s productions try to make different types of web series concepts.

Mainly the main stories of Riti Riwaj’s are mix of fiction and few are based on true incidents. As it names depicts the real meaning of this stories. The Ullu OTT platform introduces lots of beautiful, dazzling and talented actress.

So, let’s find all the beautiful casts from the Riti Riwaj episodes.

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Riti Riwaj Web Series List

Here is the list of all Riti Riwaj Web Series and their cast names.

  • Riti Riwaj – Haldi
  • Riti Riwaj – Love Festival
  • Riti Riwaj – Mann Marzi
  • Riti Riwaj – Pinjara
  • Riti Riwaj – Taala Chaabi
  • Riti Riwaj – Tijarat
  • Riti Riwaj – Water Wives
  • Riti Riwaj – Wife On Rent

1. Riti Riwaj - Haldi Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series - Haldi
Source - Ullu

The Riti Riwaj Web Series Haldi is one of the purest interesting stories on the Ullu app. The main story of this web series is celebrating ‘Haldi Rasam‘ in the marriage, where all the sister of the bride paints mehndi on Gromm’s hand.

They are celebrating it as a holy custom. In this web series there are three main characters play the lead roles. Haldi web series cast names is Paras Babbar, Swati Agarwal and Monika Chouhan.

1.1 Haldi Web Series Cast Names

Riti Riwaj Haldi cast Names - Monika Chouhan
Monika Chouhan
Riti Riwaj Web Series Haldi cast - Swati Agarwal
Swati Agarwal
  • Monika Chouhan (Anushka)
  • Swati Agarwal (Smita)
  • Paras Babbar (Siddharth)

2. Riti Riwaj - Love Festival Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series Love Festival
Source - Ullu

All the stories of the Riti Riwaj Web Series are the same concept based. As well as also applicable on the “Love Festival” story where a mind blowing tradition occurred once in a year.

The married peoples can create physical bonds freely for one night with anyone unfamiliar peoples of their choice.

2.1 Love Festival Cast Names

Manvi Chugh Biography
Manvi Chugh
Love Festival Cast - Khusi Mukherjee
Khusi Mukherjee
  • Khusi Mukherjee (Kalki)
  • Supriya Shukla (Hema)
  • Manvi Chugh (Jaya)
  • Lalit Chaudhary (Jacky)
  • Yash Pandit (Jhon)

3. Riti Riwaj - Mann Marzi Web Series

Source - Ullu

3.1 Mann Marzi Cast Names

Priya Mishra
  • Priya Mishra (Ashlifa)
  • Dakshit Bharadwaj (Danish)
  • Gehna Vashisht (Nargis)
  • Gautam Handa (Azam)

4. Riti Riwaj - Pinjara Web Series

Source - Ullu

4.1 Pinjara Cast Names

Aadha Adhura Pyaar cast actress - misthi basu
Mishti Basu
Manvi Chugh Biography
Manvi Chugh
  • Mishti Basu (Radhika)
  • Mahi Kamla (Natasha)
  • Suraj Soni (Samar)
  • Nandlal Singh (Dadda)
  • Kishan Bhan (Samar’s Father)

5. Riti Riwaj - Taala Chaabi Web Series

Riti Riwaj web series taala chaabi
Source - Ullu

5.1 Taala Chaabi Cast Names

Taala Chaabi cast Anushka Srivastava
Anushka Srivastaba
Taala Chaabi cast simmran Sharma
Simran Sharma
  • Anushka Srivastaba (Sweety)
  • Joshua Chhabra (Sherry)
  • Gunjan Bhati (Pummy)
  • Simran Sharma (Kamini)

6. Riti Riwaj - Tijarat Web Series

Source - Ullu

6.1 Tijarat Cast Names

Tijarat cast name Anupama Prakash
Anupama Prakash
  • Anupama Prakash (Tara)
  • Prasant Manrai (Sachin)
  • Aanchal Takalkae (Tara’s Mother)
  • Ashok Kumar Jha (Rana Bahadur)

8. Riti Riwaj - Water Wives Web Series

Source - Ullu

The list of Riti Riwaj Web SeriesWater Wives” is most popular among all the other. In a rural village there is shortage of water in every one’s family. While a man who was forced by his first wife marrying multiple times to be able to gather as much water as possible.

8.1 Water Wives Cast Names

Sanni Singh
  • Sanni Singh (Shanta)
  • Payel (Beena)
  • Ankita Bhattacharya (Maya)
  • Yugant Pandey (Bhagat Ram)
  • Vipul Gupta (Prakash)

9. Riti Riwaj - Wife on Rent Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series Wife On Rent
Source - Ullu

9.1 Wife on Rent Cast Names

Hansi Parmer
Hansi Parmar
Payel Gupta
  • Hansi Parmer (Kusum)
  • Payel Gupta (Rani)
  • Sagar Kudyar (Varun)
  • Sangam Rai (Sharey)

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